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Get your website on mobile devices to create more business

Building mobile websites has never been more important for business. These days, smart phones and tablets make the web more expansive and accessible than ever before. Mobile websites are invaluable for any modern business. If you’re serious about building your company, you need to build a mobile website. Sites N Stores have years of experience and all the expertise required to design a mobile website that will set you apart on the web. We can design, create and build you a unique mobile website from our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane offices.

Why Go Mobile Web?

Smart phones have changes the way we do business. A recent survey found that 49% of people use their mobile phone to research a product before making a purchase.

SitesnStores is one of Australia’s leading mobile web design and development companies. With more than 3000 websites in our portfolio, we are experts in all aspects of website design and website development.

Our mobile web services include Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites and Mobile E-Commerce. We don’t use website templates, instead we custom design and build every web site to deliver cutting edge designs with the most enhanced SEO capabilities.

Why Go To SitesnStores for your Mobile Web Development?

SitesnStores provides a holistic approach to website design and website development, including all aspects of mobile website development. Our mobile web services include;

Strategy – how do your customers browse on their phone? What turns them away? What and how often do they make a purchase? The SitesnStores Mobile Web team will determine the best way to engage your audience. We will then implement a web campaign with a strong call-to-action.

Architecture – Mobile Websites perform differently from regular sites. SitesnStores will develop and optimise the framework for your mobile website to ensure the best possible performance.

Copywriting – SitesnStores can rewrite your website copy so it is mobile compatible. We will also optimise text and keywords accordingly.

Functionality – SitesnStores will redirect smart phone traffic from your website to your mobile website, to enhance user experience.

SEO – Get your website found by the right people with a powerful SEO campaign.

No templates – every site is custom built for superior functionality and search engine optimisation.

Let Sites N Stores design a mobile website for your needs

For serious visibility on the web, we can build a mobile website that will create new ways for you to interact with your customers. This year, for the first time, there will be more searches on mobile devices than on PCs. That means you are losing business if your company doesn’t have a mobile-friendly platform for the web.

SitesnStores Mobile will present your business in a professional light, creating User Experiences that better engage your specific audience. We will review your current site to see if it is mobile compatible, and advise the best ways to optimise content on mobile devices. We can also help you to develop apps for iPhone, Android and HTC handsets and create viral apps such as wallpapers, games and other personalised interfaces. Start designing a mobile site today with SitesnStores.

Talk to us in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane about how to create the best mobile website for you. Our mobile website designers are talented, experienced and able to work with you to design and create an innovative, attractive mobile website solution on your terms and on a sensible budget.

Find out more at our Melbourne base, or let us come to you in Sydney or Brisbane. We are Australia’s leading Web Design, Development and Marketing studio with more than 4000 sites in our portfolio.

Call SitesnStores today on 1300 796 530 to make online business work for you.

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